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Why retopology before rigging?

Qhuman’s automated retopology is one of the most defining feature among the industry. Fully automated retopology is by nature even more complex than simple rigging. Although Qhuman also support directly rigging a mesh, retopology before rigging is an industry standard for best rigging result and provide a lot more advantages as the professional approach:

Much optimized quality:
– optimized polyCount u0026amp; edge flow, consistent mesh structure, proper polygon density distribution.
optimized body rigging u0026amp; accurate skin weighting, hence better looking animation without issues at sensitive area e.g. armpit, crotch point, fingers, etc.
– consistent u0026amp; optimizd UV for easy 2D retouch and derivatives maps
– optimized finger rigging

Automation made possible:
– symmetrical body mesh ( industry standard for rigging )
– facial rigging (Pro or above)
– body part replacement, undressing, blending, morphing u0026amp; merging
– auotmated cloth drapping (real-time/ offline) ( TBC, Enterprise Apparel only )
– props fitting ( Enterprise only )
– PSD and muscle ( TBC, Pro or above )


can i use it on non-realistic humanoid characters?

Right now it’s mainly optimized for 3D scanned human input
But yes it can be used on non-realistic humanoid characters (to be optimized)


Can I create my own topology if existing topology of QNA isn’t what I want?

0) use direct Mode/ directTopo Mode (Pro and Enterprise only) to rig your input mesh without retopology
Pro and Enterprise only:
1) create new QNA for your input topo for mass prodution ( Pro or above )
3) Use TopoMixer (TBC)
4) use TrasnTopo mode (TBC, Pro or above )
That said, the bundled QNA already has professional Topology and UV that is used in real life productions, most of our customers find them optimal already and do not need others.


Can I create my own skeleton/ ctrl Rig ?

Yes, use the custom rig editor at Tiggin> Body_Rig (TBC)


Can i use it on character with multiple parts, usually build by modellers?

Yes, use hybrid segmentator ( + direct mode / directTopo ) (TBC)


Can I input T-pose?

Yes, use hybrid segmentator ( + direct mode / directTopo ) (TBC)


Can i use it on quadraped (animals)?

not right now. We plan to implement it if there is enough requests for it.

What is our next step?

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