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General Comparison

 Qhuman for Maya Standard 

Qhuman Lite is a simplified version of Qhuman for Maya Pro, with less features and less automation level (step-by-step). 


Qhuman for Maya Pro 

Qhuman for Maya Pro is commonly used in CGI production. It has 1-click retopology and rigging, and contains all features for production.


Qhuman Enterprise 

Qhuman for Maya Enterprise is the ultimate version of Qhuman that can be used both for production and batch processing lots of scans easily.

It has all features of Qhuman Pro, but with the ability to batch processing all models in a folder( 1-click-Batch ), has additional features e.g. body measurement, and has an extra Output tab that systematically output variety of outputs e.g. fbx, maya scene, obj, preview image, video, report, etc. Furthermore, it can be triggered externally by commandline, meaning you can integrate to your own pipeline.

Qhuman Enterprise Server  

Using the powerful core of Qhuman Enterprise, Qhuman Enterprise Server extended its power by having Qserver, and is commonly used in demanding high-volume live-processing event sites, theme parks, fashion botiques, etc. Qserver is a program that provides the whole zero-click, scalable, management and centralized control interface, controlling the whole automation chain of Input > ( scan-processing-software* ) > Qhuman > output > dynamic loading Unity/ UE API.

For more information about Qhuman Enterprise Server, please see here.

Qhuman Batch Node

Qhuman Batch node is the batch-only version of Qhuman Enterprise and cannot operate in normal GUI. It excutes batch scripts created in Qhuman Enterprise (GUI). It serves as extra processing nodes of Qhuman Enterprise Server, to multiply the speed/throughput of avatar creation by simultaneous processing mutiple jobs in multiple nodes.


*Support PhotoScan Pro / Capturing Reality CLI (purchase separately) right now, and enables full automation, auto-marker-alignment and ground removal, so that the human scan is immediately ready to use.

Qhuman Cloud Service ( coming soon )

Qhuman Cloud Service is a pay-per-use web service that requires no local installation.
You just upload 3D human models/ Photos. Choose a few options. Then the processing starts at our cloud servers like a 1-click processing. Then you can preview the 3D animated result in browser, before you decide to download the files. Qhuman Cloud Service allows you to choose the highest level decisions but not the smallest technical options like Qhuman for Maya. Those options are highly optimized settings and resembles the “presets” in the local version of Qhuman. So compare to local version, it’s simpler to use but has limited technical flexibility.

Qhuman Cloud API ( coming soon )

Qhuman Cloud API is similar to Qhuman Cloud Service in terms of processing, but very different usage. Essentially, it allows you to built Apps that accept human 3D model or photos, then automatically process them in the cloud and generate links to be used in Apps built with our Unity/ UE4 API so that avatars can be dynamically swapped in your Apps via the internet.

Feature Comparison (TBC)

Standard Pro Enterprise Enterprise Server


Suitable for individuals, freelancer Studio scan-to-avatar installation (starting from each scan model) High-volume scan-to-avatar installation
Automation level step-by-step 1-click 1-click batch 0-click
QNA included QNA x 3 QNA x 5 (TBC) QNA x 5 (TBC) QNA x 5 (TBC)


Manage & Queue tasks Yes
Distributed processing possible Yes
Controls scan processing software Yes
Controls Qhuman in commandline mode Yes
Runtime direct-loading Unity API Yes
Runtime direct-loading Unreal API TBC
Real-time Cloth Fitting Package TBC

Automated features below:


Auto Oreintation Alignment of scans Yes Yes Yes
Topo Mixer Yes Yes Yes
Body Generator Lite (TBC) Full (TBC) Full (TBC) Full (TBC)
Topo Mixer x Body Generator TBC TBC TBC
Body and Face Segmentation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Body Measurement Yes Yes
Body Topology Wrapping & Part replacement Yes Yes Yes Yes
Head Topology Wrapping & Part replacement Yes Yes Yes Yes
SubDivision Yes Yes Yes Yes
SubDivision – fast mimic mode Yes Yes Yes
Re-shape/ Symmetry Yes Yes Yes Yes
Texture transfer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Texture output layers Yes Yes Yes
refactor subD to Zbrush/ mudbox roundtrip Yes Yes Yes
Head and body integration Yes Yes Yes


Joint placement Yes Yes Yes Yes
Control rig/ mocap rig Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom Rig Integration TBC TBC TBC
skin weighting Yes Yes Yes Yes
eye/ teeth fitting Yes Yes Yes
facial rig Yes Yes Yes
body muscle system/ PSD TBC TBC TBC
Create custom QNA Yes Yes Yes
scene subsitution Yes Yes


Props/ skin-Clothing Fitting Yes Yes
Dynamic cloth Fitting TBC TBC


motion presets auto-align + mapping + retargetting Yes Yes Yes Yes
camera/ lighting/ rendering presets Yes Yes Yes Yes


FBX, Maya scene, preview, playBlast, simulation Yes Yes

Additional Tools

Qcontrol – manage large scene with multiple characters
Qtemplate – scan model library preview module Yes Yes Yes Yes
Create batchScript for Batch processing/ Qserver Yes Yes
Batch processing Yes using the more advanced Qserver
run Qhuman in commandline mode Yes Yes

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