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Virtual Identity, for real

Start using authentic avatars. No more preset avatars.

avatar = new Qavatar;

avatar.load( avatarID );

avatar.instantiate( );

Power your platform by Avatar API

APIs 1
APIs 2

Unity API

Runtime loading by AvatarID

Unreal API

Runtime loading by AvatarID


Runtime loading by AvatarID

Scan-to-Avatar API

Create Avatar Method 1

Selfie-to-Avatar API

Create Avatar Method 2

Clo3D-to-Qfit API

Runtime loading by AvatarID

It’s Exactly like You, So As Everyone Else.

APIs 3
APIs 4
APIs 5
APIs 6
APIs 7
APIs 8

Hewlett Packard Enterprise | Avatar Platform 2016

APIs 9
APIs 10

Bring Together Friends, Strangers, Celebrities. 

APIs 11

Bring Thousands Of Users Together!

APIs 12
APIs 13
APIs 14
APIs 15

Integrate with our Fashion Retail Technology (coming soon )


APIs 16
APIs 17
APIs 18

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