Virtual Identity, for real

Start using authentic avatars. No more preset avatars.

avatar = new Qavatar;

avatar.load( avatarID );

avatar.instantiate( );

Power your platform by Avatar API

APIs 1
APIs 2

Unity API

Runtime loading by AvatarID

Unreal API

Runtime loading by AvatarID


Runtime loading by AvatarID

Scan-to-Avatar API

Create Avatar Method 1

Selfie-to-Avatar API

Create Avatar Method 2

Clo3D-to-Qfit API

Runtime loading by AvatarID

It’s Exactly like You, So As Everyone Else.

APIs 3
APIs 4
APIs 5
APIs 6
APIs 7
APIs 8

Hewlett Packard Enterprise | Avatar Platform 2016

APIs 9
APIs 10
APIs 11

Bring Together Friends, Strangers, Celebrities. 

APIs 12

Bring Thousands Of Users Together!

APIs 13
APIs 14
APIs 15
APIs 16

Integrate with our Fashion Retail Technology (coming soon )


APIs 17
APIs 18
APIs 19

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