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Real-time, High-fidelity Cloth sim

on mobile and desktop

Qfit 1
Qfit 2

Technical Features

Qfit 3

patented 1-sec AUTO-FIT with any avatar

Physically drape on any avatar body without manually align cloth patterns to different body shapes. 

Qfit 4

high-performance, Real-time cloth simulator

50k vertices 30fps on mobile & tablet*
200k vertices 30fps on retail desktop*

Qfit 5


Real-time realistic fabric shader and rendering without ray-trace, on mobile and desktop. 

Qfit 6

Retail Ready

Works with an Kiosk setting, or our kiosk solution

Qfit 7

Mobile Ready

Qfit works on IOS, Andriod, the only mobile-enabled cloth simulator on the market.

Qfit 8

fit by qr code

Works with an Kiosk setting, or our kiosk solution

Qfit 9

integrate with our other products

Qfit works hand-in-hand with Qhuman, Qscan, and more.

Qfit 10

Convert Industry-standard pattern into our format

Directly convert all your existing design into our real-time autofit format. to fit any avatar you created. Keep creating new garments in your existing way.

Qfit 11

Integrate to your existing platform

WebGL / HTML5 integration works in Browser and with existing platforms. ( Coming Soon)


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