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Qfit Studio | for Fashion Professionals

Qfit Studio* is the ultimate presentation software for fashion designers, enterprises, who want to put their garment design to a beautiful final presentation as videos, or interactive try-on visualization session with consumers, internal presentation, or client sales pitching.

Since the system is real-time and interactive, there is no need to wait for simulation or render, or any manual effort to re-fit various body shape: any garment with any body shape will be auto-fitted in 1 sec. Garments can be directly converted from various industry standards, hence you can use all your existing design files, or use our service to create for you. The system can use any realistic human avatars from scan-to-avatar process from our other product, Qhuman. They will be bundled as sample fitting models or using our custom scan-to-avatar service. 

*Qfit Studio is in Alpha development Stage, features might change at later release.

**The software design of Qfit Studio is not to be another design & manufacturing software like Clo3D, Marvelous Designer, Browzwear, etc. However, garment designs from these software are likely to be supported and convertible to our real-time interactive format to be used in Qfit. We are rather the front-end system for visualizing, interacting, sharing, and selling designs in the best possible way.

**The software design of Qfit Studio is not to be another animation VFX software like Maya, nor game engine like Unity, that has infinite customizability for generic DCC authoring and production pipeline. However, certain elements are likely to be importable into Qfit e.g. Pose, Motion, Background and Props. We fully focused in real-time rendering, cloth simulation, and user interaction for avatar and garments.

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User Interface

Qfit Studio 1
Qfit Studio 18
Qfit Studio 19
Qfit Studio 20
Qfit Studio 21
Qfit Studio 22
Qfit Studio 23

There is another Retail version of Qfit, which is a B2C product for mass consumer. It’s mainly used for engaging and functional virtual-try for customer themselves on in retail space and online:

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