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World's Only Scalable Avatar Solution

Create thousands of avatars in full automation

Qserver – Scalable Parallel Processing & Management

Manage, track, trigger thousands of avatar creation with ease at backend.


Qserver 1

Zero-click System – Fully Autonomous Mass Processing

Integration and Versatility

Different types of input and outputs for various user cases. 

Qserver 2


1) Generic Clothed 3D Scan

Perfect for event and theme parks for wide variety of users. Handles medium to short dress and variety of loose clothing.

Qserver 3

Above: Retopologized and Rigged Avatar from Input Scan.


Qserver 4

2) Tight-fit 3D Scan

Perfect for Virtual Fitting in Fashion & Retail. Handles long hair extraction

Qserver 5

Above: Retopologized and Rigged Avatar from Input Scan.


Qserver 6
Qserver 7
Qserver 8

3) Body Estimation on Clothed Scan ( Coming Soon )

Perfect for Hybrid Usage of fitting and others. Estimate body parts hidden by clothing.

Qserver 9

Right-most: Input Clothed Scan. Others: Body estimated for occluded part and Retopologized Rigged.


Qserver 10

4) Selfie to Avatar

Quick and simple way to create avatar by mobile phone. Take a selfie, input height & weight and optional measurements, boom~ you can start your virtual identity journey.

Batch Output Results

Actual output example of Qserver, organized in subfolders.

Qserver 11

Avatar Creation ( Qhuman ) | Features Highlights

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