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Every Story is Unique.

Teleport your guests into virtual joruneys

Rosewood Hotel Hong Kong

Luxury, Guest-engaged Love Story

Shiseido Singapore Airport

Teleport every guests in boarding hall into a virtual journey

Take guest engagement to the next level

Make them heroes of your brand story.

Malls & Retails

Put Guests into digital eco-system, and retain them off-sites!

Brand Events

Our world-unique tech put your brand on cutting-edge!

Theme Park & Attraction

Put your guests into digital journey and retain them off-site.

1-second capture, take your guests into virtual journeys. Thousands a day.


Event & Theme Park 9

Everyone receive/ participate a digital journey with their 1:1 look-alike avatars, kicking and alive. 

A branded animation video? sure. An interactive experience? no problem. A full experience of multiple avatar-powered touch-points? We are doing it already!

Event & Theme Park 10

Unique gift seeing themselves participating your brand story, and happily share on social media and gone viral.

Event & Theme Park 11

Teleport your guests into games & other interactive experience, in few minutes.

Event & Theme Park 12
Event & Theme Park 13
Event & Theme Park 14

Rapid Setup

Event & Theme Park 15
Event & Theme Park 16
Event & Theme Park 17

Recent Projects

hcKids “My Virtual Closet” @Harbour City

Harbour City x QM launched  a pioneer project “My Virtual Closet” which had applied the World’s First patented Real-time Auto-fit Virtual Try-on System – Quantum Fit (QFit), enabling kids to generate realistic “virtual self” avatars instantly and personalized with...

hcKids “My Virtual Closet” @Harbour City 6

Rosewood Hotel | When Luxury meets technology

With QHuman technology, guests celebrate this special day together with the Bride and Groom in a tailor-made video. 200+ guests had created their own personalized avatar video in a 3 hours’ wedding event held in Hong Kong Rosewood Hotel. The application of QHuman...

Rosewood Hotel | When Luxury meets technology 7

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