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Input model/ scan Guidance


Reasons on Scan failure (to be handled by scanner vendor and scanning operator)

– Cloth Color – cloth is black, shiny, transparent

– Huge untied black hair.

– Cloth texture – if Projection is not used for scan Rig, plain smooth cloth can yield bad quality scan or failed

– Markers are not properly installed and calibrated, or covered by subject. yields wrong alignment and wrong bounding box to chop

– In case of Photoscan using background subtraction(compulsory), background is wrongly specified/ absent, or same with subject clothing color

– Lighting/Camera exposure is not even enough, or exposure range is not properly set which

e.g. clips the whites.


– Scan subject out of range, e.g. arms is out of range.

– Children is prone to bad pose or motion-blurred bad scan


Scan unqualified for QH (might fail or crash):

– Bad/ wrong alignment (will auto-trigger auto-alignment (Pro and Enterprise only) that has ~95% successful rate provided the ground is absent. The auto-aligned mesh will all have fixed given height.)

– Children who is shorter than 100 cm

– Presence of ground, feet attached with ground.


Bad example of meshes noise in scanned model


Bad example of meshes noise in scanned model


– Presence of big scan artefacts

– Bad body pose, e.g. elbow too straight or bend too much. wrist bent too much, shoulder not relaxed, Arm raised too low or too high. too much asymmetry.

(Elbow should be little bit pointing upward, elbow angle similar to below is nice)



– Bad face orientation, extreme facial expression

– Face texture quality/ resolution too low, bad lighting for face recognition.

– Face – eye-glasses, hair blocking forehead/ brow

– Cloth style – long dress/skirt, thick/ loose clothes, wearing a coat/jacket, big hair style, presence of prominent extension part/ protrusion, due to props.

– Clothing covering some fingers. or huge ring.

– Bad finger poses e.g. twisted outward or inward too much, fist, fingers stick together.


Bad example of scanned finger meshes

Good example of finger meshes

Scan marginally okay for QH (result might not be optimal)

– Dress/skirt that is not too long (leg joints will be inaccurate)

– Only small patches of black/ shiny/ transparent parts.

– High heel (leg joints will be inaccurate)

– Loose cloth that still have reasonable body shape. (shoulder joints will be inaccurate)

– Untied long hair that is not too wide (shoulder joints will be inaccurate)

– Short and tight-fit jacket (shoulder joints will be inaccurate)

– Hat that is not too big (thin edge will be missing after retopology)


When unqualified fingers are detected by QHuman:

– Not all 10 fingers are clearly separable in scan mesh ( in event usage, this is usually unavoidable)

– Hands will be replaced with a complete hand.

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