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For Commercials Video Production

QHuman technology was used in the production of SPRITE 爽辣 – 冰火兩重天 online commercial video in. The digital avatar production time had been significantly faster than the traditional ways, one-click is all it took to start posing, animating and setting up shots of complex effects for the digital avatar.

The application of QHuman technology in nowadays TV or Online commercials video production definitely can be benefitted in both shortening the production time and lowering the production cost.

SPRITE - 爽辣 - 冰火兩重天 1
SPRITE - 爽辣 - 冰火兩重天 2
SPRITE - 爽辣 - 冰火兩重天 3
SPRITE - 爽辣 - 冰火兩重天 4
SPRITE - 爽辣 - 冰火兩重天 5